As we venture into the shaking ground of 2022, two years into a global pandemic…the necessity of skilled, authentic and genuine coaches who understand both holistic coaching & organic business is astronomical! 

Business is not just about making a sale.
And coaching is not just about making a plan for your client. 

They both require immense dedication, understanding, compassion, curiosity, flexibility and presence. 

But that’s not why I feel their presence is so important today and in the coming years. 

Let’s take a look at our economy for a moment (note… I have a BComm in marketing, not economics!! I am simply a curious soul who observes humanity around her at all times, and the following is my expression of what I see) 

Doctors are overworked and retiring early, there’s not enough time to listen to  their patients, hospitals are overwhelmed and mental health concerns are already on the rise. 

From the very beginning of this pandemic I questioned the choices of our authorities, isolating people from loved ones and healthy activities like fitness and socialization. I am aware that they made these decisions to slow the spread of the virus, however, I kept wondering; “Is anyone considering the long term mental health effects of these decisions?”

And now, in almost every conversation I have with friends, colleagues and clients, the focus is how intense everyone has become.

Our culture does not empower us with enough emotional support tools to move through such long periods of isolation and fear. Therefore, we are now beginning to witness the coming undone of many loved ones. People are lashing out at friends and colleagues because they have nowhere else to direct their frustration. A difference of opinion is now grounds for dismissing someone from your life, which leads to deep-rooted heartache and grieving of past relationships. If you throw in fear of the future of our world layered with financial insecurity, well you have yourself a perfect storm for extreme mental health complications for even the most present of people. 

In my opinion, what the average person needs more than anything is a safe and sacred space to talk, express their worries and fears, and be held in non-judgemental love. 

A space where they can express their insecurities and doubts openly, and consciously choose when they’re ready to step out of them and back into Empowerment. 

I’ve experienced first hand the challenges we face when trying to support and assist loved ones suffering from mental illness. While there are many cognitive imbalances that require medication and professional assistance to find harmony…there are also millions of human beings who suffer from occasional depression, dwindling motivation, insecurity of self and skills, fear of the future, suppressed emotion due to lacking communication skills and physical conditions that could have been prevented with integrative support

As coaches, our task is not to “fix” someone… it is only ever to honour, witness and assist the individual to find the wisdom and knowledge they already have within.

It is to help them stay on track, stay in their own lane, and become so incredibly Empowered with self-care tools and mindset techniques that they can handle anything that comes their way – be it economic depression, loss of a loved one or just a string of hard days in a row.

Maybe you’ve seen an influx of coaches in the virtual world over the last few years and may be asking, “but Dea, aren’t there enough coaches already?”

And to that my response is: There are never enough skilled & conscious & compassionate coaches…ever! 

The key here is that these coaches need to be skilled in the art of coaching, conscious in the way they live their life and compassionate to themselves and all others.

There are so many business programs out there in the virtual world teaching anyone and everyone to market themselves as a coach. But here’s the issue: this individual may be an expert with marketing and sales, but if they don’t have proper training or experience in the field of coaching…are they actually helping? Or could they be projecting their own fears, worries, and personal experiences onto their clients?

As a coach it is imperative that the client’s best interest lives above the coaches personal needs when it comes to their partnership. And I can’t honestly say this is the truth for all coaches on the market. This is the reason that after multiple years of considering it, I chose to open my own coaching certification program. I struggled back and forth with the “who am I to…” ego for years. Until I finally realized that I was seeing more and more coaches arriving online, but I could feel the lack of integrity in their offerings.

Please know, I don’t say this from a place of ego, I say this deeply from my heart. I take my role as coach very seriously and only ever want the best possible experience for all beings, at all times.

I chose to create the Empowerment Coaching Certification to work with women who are brand new to holding space for others, and those who have been doing so for years and desire a more foundational training to deepen their skill. To help women feel confident in their ability to honour another soul and to hold sacred space. In this course we work through the art of active listening, how to cultivate the right environment for soul expansion, identifying subconscious patterns and the four tiers to personal empowerment. And every student has weeks upon weeks of hands-on coaching practice ensuring that when they graduate, they are more than ready to serve & coach!

above is a visual representation of the fundamentals we cover in the Empowerment Coaching Certification Course

Now take a moment to consider the impact of each family and circle of friends having a trained and skilled Empowerment Coach in their group.

Imagine if everyone had one person to turn to who knows how to hold sacred space and actively listen.

A person they feel safe with who knows how to be there for them instead of projecting personal opinions & suggestions of “how to fix things”.

A space where they feel valued, loved and listened to…even if their fears are irrational and their desires selfish.

Imagine the profound impact that this coach’s presence could create on the overall wellness of their whole community.

Imagine the ripple effects on their children, their partners, their colleagues. It’s a beautiful thing when an individual feels empowered and knows they have safe and sacred space to turn to when things become challenging. An outlet for their anger, a safe space for their fears and an energetic environment that lifts them up.

And, now imagine that every single trained Empowerment coach creates her own stream of financial income, supporting her family with a unique flow of abundance that not only allows for more financial security in her household, but aligns her with work that feels purposeful, fulfilling and impactful.

Can you see it?
Can you feel it?

The shift in perspective of the entire community.

An empowered woman, holding space for others to feel empowered and whole.

An entire family feeling financial secure and awakening to the Truth that they are capable of living a THRIVING life, despite their external conditions and pesky ego thoughts.

>> This is the vision I see for our near future.

A collective of skilled, conscious and compassionate Empowerment Coaches creating their own financial security while offering their services to their clients, community and friends. Together we’ll raise the consciousness level of humanity, one small collective of empowered people at a time. 

Do you share in this vision with me?

Can you see yourself as one of these Empowerment Coaches? 

If yes, I would love to have a conversation with you to explore what role Empowerment Coach may play in your near future. Feel free to book a call with me so we can connect & explore together right here.

Tune in for the next post in this series; who is in the perfect position to become an Empowerment Coach and start serving humanity!

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