It takes a unique soul to commit their life to the betterment of Self and service to all others. 

Not everyone is called to take on a role like this.

For many who are called to this commitment, it is their Soul Calling. Their Dharma, if you will.

Empowerment Coaching is but one way to assist and support your family, friends and clients to their own inner empowerment and soul expansion,  but for some, it is THE WAY! 

Over the past 7+ years I have worked with 100’s of women in a coaching capacity, being privileged with access to their deep core fears, their intimate desires and their emotional expression. It isn’t a role one takes lightly, to be another’s coach. It is an absolute privilege. It is a responsibility. It is a gift. 

I have always promised my private coaching clients absolute confidentiality, which has been essential, especially when beginning my business with in-person sessions in a small town. A client must feel safe and loved in your care, in your presence. And if they don’t, their success rate will drop. 

Coaching is not for everyone, but for those who are in the perfect position for it…they know!

They can feel the pull from within that this is something they are supposed to do. Even if it seems irrational, even if it isn’t the right time, they can feel that deep inner knowing that they can do this!

Perhaps as you’re reading this, you may be wondering, Exactly who is an Empowerment Coach?

For that reason I wanted to create some open space to explore who is already in the right position to become an Empowerment Coach. In the next post of this series, I’ll map out the role an Empowerment Coach plays more fully, but for now, enjoy musing through these beautiful descriptions of who is in the perfect position for this next step. 

You may see yourself in some of these descriptions below, or you may see your sister, your cousin or your best friend.

Let yourself read with an open mind. Let your inner self create a visual of what is possible. And if you feel that nudge that these words describe someone you know well, be willing to take that extra step and share these words with them, tell them you see them, in these words, and in this role. 

As you read, allow the window of possibility to stay open and listen to your heart for guidance.

Remember, the world needs skilled, conscious and compassionate coaches that are willing to step UP in this role. 

YOU are in the perfect position to become an Empowerment Coach…

~ If you have always had a deep desire to help and assist others, from volunteering in your local community to being there for every friend in need.

~ If you are known for your compassionate and kind heart, willing to give more than you have in order to see a smile on someone else’s face. You love animals, nature, and everything that feels like compassionate love

~ If, ever since you were young, you’ve been curious about people – you can spend hours in a cafe, people watching and observing behaviors, opening your mind to vast variety of personality traits that exist on this planet

~ If you are enthralled with the idea that you can create a career that includes your woo-woo modalities like Reiki & ecstatic dance & tarot cards & numerology

~ If you hold this seemingly unique gift of being able to hear what people are saying, without them actually saying it. It may feel like an intuitive sense, but you often know what someone wants to say, before they even say it. It might  have felt a bit bizarre initially, but it’s become so second nature for you and you love supporting others with it

~ If you are deeply connected with others emotions and can sense when someone around you is upset. You cannot help but feel for them – be it the hurt puppy on the street or the crying baby at the park or the elderly couple parking sideways at the grocery store. You feel deeply and consider yourself quite empathic

~ If in high school you were everyone’s “go-to” when they felt emotional. You just hold this gift of listening to others with patience and kindness

~ If you’re so curious about all the holistic healing modalities and have this deep urge to keep learning & practicing all the time – you may even have a few certifications already {reiki, meditation, EFT, tarot, etc} and would love to live a life full of these practices all day, every day! 

~ If you often find yourself in leadership roles that allow you the gift of impacting others {maybe you’re a teacher, a manager or a team lead}. Your words are inspiring and people feel safe coming to you for support. Imagine how much more impactful you would be with the right training in coaching skills!?

~ If human connection and intimacy has always inspired you. There is something so magical about feeling deeply connected to another person, beyond the niceties of personality and into the depths of Soul. 

~ If you are truly a lifelong learner–you will never stop taking courses, reading books, trying new spiritual techniques, and expanding your knowledge on everything and anything that ignites your passion

~ If self care is a deep passion of yours, one that you openly share in your circle of friends and have been known to express freely on your social media channels. The idea of letting this be a pathway to a thriving career that aligns with your heart is inspiring and invigorating

~ If you crave a career that fills that deep yearning in your Soul for deeper impact, more freedom, intimate connection and never-ending personal growth

~ If you’re inspired by the idea of running a business that offers coaching, retreats, courses, workshops, conscious clothing & accessories and everything else your beautiful creative mind can think up!

And the list goes on and on…

The fact is, you know if you’re drawn to the role of coaching or not. It isn’t a secret. You can feel it in your bones. It gives you butterflies of excitement and fear when you even toy with the idea in your mind. And this, my dear, is a beautiful place to be! Anticipatory excitement and joy and fear.

Dreaming of the days when you get to work from your home office or your gorgeous sunlit space downtown or even on the road in your home on wheels ~ watch my IG stories in the next few weeks for more on that…

Envisioning who your clients would be, what they would come to you for and how powerfully you would serve them.

This anticipatory energy is what manifestation dreams are made of.

So do yourself a favour; if you’re feeling the pull, let’s have a conversation about what the next best steps for YOU are.

Yes I offer a really incredible Empowerment Coaching Certification course that could be the perfect next step for you, but I am also really damn good at helping women get CLEAR on who they are, what they want and how they can move towards it #coachrole

So even if the timing isn’t right for ECC or you’re eyeing up other certification courses, let’s still have a chat!

My goal is to help you walk away with the exact next aligned action step for you as a Feminine Leader of yourself, and your future! Book your call with me here sister

Tune in for the final post in this series; What Is An Empowerment Coach!

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