Girl, I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve been waiting to tell you my story!!


I’m Deanna Deacon

  • Intuitive Life Coach
  • Spiritual Mentor
  • Public Speaker
  • Reiki Energy Healer
  • Proud Puppy Mama
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Body Positivity Advocate
  • World Traveller
  • Naturalist
  • Vegan-ish
  • Sunset Chaser

My Journey…

At 19 years old I held my mom’s hand and wished her well in her next life as her cancer consumed her and her body broke down.

My mom was my best friend, my mentor, my companion and seemingly the only person who truly understood me. 

In my young years I was always known as; 

  • “the sensitive one”

  • the child who would cry at any uncomfortable situation

  • the one who had every physical ailment; stomachaches, headaches, every cold & flu, strep throat, mono, exhaustion, depression, and the list goes on


a semi-annoying state of being that caused me to feel life more deeply than the average kid.

As I said goodbye to Mom, I pulled on every ounce of strength within me and kept on keeping on…I travelled, I partied, I studied at Uni and I stayed loyal in a long-past-its-due-date relationship.

It wasn’t until this boyfriend, the man I was convinced I would marry, ended our 4-year relationship that I began to unfurl, come undone, FALL APART!!

I moved to a new city, found a new love for Gin & Tonic and began my multiple-year excursion of “finding myself” through booze, sex, late nights, bad food and general numbing-out techniques known well to those in their early 20s. 

After a few emotional breakdowns I KNEW I needed to make a change as my late-night promiscuous lifestyle was far from sustainable – soooooo, I moved to New Zealand.

I packed up my life, sold everything I could, quit my “career” job, brought my new boyfriend and moved across the globe.

Pictured Above: My Highschool Graduation ~ approx. one year before Mom passed

In New Zealand, I TRANSFORMED.

I worked on farms, ate from gardens, swam in the ocean, lived at a spiritual retreat centre, practiced yoga, meditated at sunrise on the beach, made amazing lifetime friends, drank bubbly simply to feel good and generally lived a totally Facebook-worthy life.

Sounds amazing right? 

Like I was all healed right?

Turns out I wasn’t ready for so much natural health & healing…even though I was living this amazing idealistic life, I was absolutely MISERABLE inside.

I felt ugly, over-weight, under-appreciated, broke, bored, lonely, disappointed in myself, disappointed in my friends, uninterested in my boyfriend, and utterly ALONE!

I can remember taking this photo…My friend bought this hat for me because I felt too broke to afford it (it was probably $15), I felt so self-conscious, my bracelets didn’t match, my stomach was in agony and I forced Luke to take this photo with me so I could share it on Facebook and pretend I was having the time of my life.

My body began to break down.

I picked up every cold & flu.
I got violently ill at random.
I lost all appetite for food.
My body could no longer stomach things like coffee, bread, sugar.
I was constantly exhausted.
I had tremendous pounding headaches daily.
I went to every doctor & naturopath I could.
on a backpackers budget ~ which added to my lack-mentality
I tried multiple supplements, vitamins & pain killers.
I spent days and days…weeks even, in bed.
I cried. I slept. I cried some more. And basically began to wilt away…

The pain became so unbearable that we decided to leave New Zealand early and head back to Canada where my health care was free & at least I could be with family. 

This was my 26th birthday back in Canada. I got my hair done, had my friend do my makeup and bought a new dress to celebrate. Shortly after this photo was taken I forced all my friends out to our dinner reservation with out me, so I could spend an hour sitting on the toilet and crying and writhing in pain, continuously asking WHY? WHY ME?

I assumed this was just my life now.

Insanely skinny due to living off boiled eggs and plain oatmeal.

Always exhausted & unmotivated to do anything. 

A complete shell of myself. 

Until I read the book
“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

This book woke up my intuitive nature & reconnected me to my body.

I began asking my body what it wanted to eat, what it needed to do, what it wished to receive. I listened intently for the answers, spent time being quiet, alone and present with myself. I healed whatever had been ailing me for nearly 12 months and returned to a “normal” state of being; healthy, energetic, active & full of passion for life!

Since this transformation, it has been proven to me time and time again that our bodies are 100% an intuitive messenger, sharing the wisdom of our emotional, mental & spiritual bodies in every single moment. And that we absolutely have to WAKE UP to the incredible gift of connecting with the energy of the Universe, like yesterday. Our human evolution depends on it…on you finally committing to YOU!

So where am I now…

Now I use this truth as a means of awakening women to reach their Divine Feminine Empowerment. I have the most handsome husband {check out my insta stories for photos of our epic backyard wedding} who stood by me through it all, an incredible fur-baby that joins me for all healing work I do, a beautiful 3.5 acre property, a business that FULFILLS ME and I’m on a mission to HEAL THIS WORLD! 

I struggled through my pain for long enough…there’s no need for you to do the same! 

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach, an energy healer, a spiritual mentor, a yoga teacher, an embodiment facilitator & a deeply passionate student of life. I’ve developed my own coaching technique of personal development blended with spiritual awakening, simple & effective self-care tools and deep, compassionate love for YOU!

I use intuitive coaching to tap into your body’s wisdom, connecting the dots that you have struggled to connect for the past 5, 10…15 years? You can keep working to find your truth on your own…or you can hire a woman that is 100% dedicated to YOU finding YOU!

My clients are powerful women in their 30’s – 40’s that are tired of achieving every goal they set for themselves and feeling no greater satisfaction than they did before. You’ve likely been pushing & forcing your way to the top in a predominantly masculine world, and while you have found great success, there is a deep something missing. As if there is a core component of who you are that has yet to be discovered. 

Together we map out your body’s physical pain patterns to understand the visceral guidance and messages you receive daily. By reactivating these lines of communication your sense of purpose, passion & self-fulfillment will be deeply awakened.  

Are you ready?

It all begins with a discovery intuitive coaching session where you & I get to chit chat, allowing me to tap into your body’s wisdom & see what journey is in store for you. In this complimentary 30 minutes together you will get a chance to decide if I am the woman that can assist you into the life of your DREAMS. And believe me when I say this…


Deanna Deacon is a writer, inspirational speaker, energy healer, and intuitive life coach from British Columbia, Canada. Deanna teaches women to release their societal conditioning of externally focused drive to activate their innate magnetic essence of being a woman, creating sustainable and soul-filling success, relationships, and joy!

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