Empowerment Coaching Certification

Learn the unique blend of holding sacred space, asking strategic questions, embodying compassion & facilitating an environment of pure love to empower  the Soul of your clients.

Become a Certified Empowerment Coach and start transforming lives in just 5 months. 

New Cohort begins May 1, 2022

12 spots available

Every aspect of this course is anchored in the core foundational principles of:


enveloping you in the necessary experiences of


to allow the deepest expression of


for you and your future clients!

Start Your Dream Business!

This 5 month course walks you through the essential fundamentals of becoming a transformational Empowerment Coach so that you can deeply serve your clients, friends, family members and everyone who comes your way.

We don’t shy away from other holistic modalities in this course, in fact, your personal skills and intuitive gifts are highly encouraged! There’s an entire section designed to acknowledge the amazing talents, skills & certifications you already have!

This means all those previous modalities & trainings you took will be embodied INTO your Empowerment Coaching practice!

There is no other human being that has the same makeup of energy, experiences, desires and beliefs as you…and in this course, all of those aspects are honoured. You will not be trained to be a cookie-cutter version of me ~ the world doesn’t need more Deanna…the world needs more YOU!

In this soulfully-minded certification course you will explore:

  • You as a Coach
  • The Four Tiers of Personal Empowerment
  • Holistic Healing Tools & Modalities
  • The Energetics of Empowerment
  • Sacred Structure of a Coaching Session
  • How to Set Up a Coaching Practice


  • 12 modules for coaching concepts & theory 
  • 5 LIVE group calls for Q&A & Hot-Seat Coaching with Dea
  • Interactive worksheets to use for Self & with clients
  • Intimate coaching pod for practicum starting week 1
  • 3 x 1:1 sessions with our Embodied Leadership Coaching Team

Spacious Learning Environment

While this course is intensive, it is also spacious. Each month has ONE THEME with 3 set training sessions delivered each Sunday morning. The final week of each month is for your integration, connection and course content review.
It is essential that your journey into Empowerment Coaching is as sustainable and nourishing as possible, allowing a seamless transition into you offering the same to your clients through your own coaching program. 

Real Life Coaching Practice

In your interactive coaching pods you’ll be able to begin coaching in a safe, structured and supportive environment on week 1! Not only will you gain all the practice hours needed to feel confident in your coaching abilities, you’ll also receive peer-coaching each week… this course is like hiring your own personal coach as well as becoming one!

Already have a side-gig healing business?

Fantastic!! This course is the perfect addition to your current offerings. Empowerment Coaching has a unique way of embodying ALL of your sacred gifts into one tangible offer that your soul-mate clients can fully comprehend. 
Maybe people have wondered “what is that?” when you’ve mentioned your modality before?
With an Empowerment Coaching Certification, that will be a memory of the past. You will be encouraged and guided to INCLUDE your sacred healing modalities INTo your Empowerment Coaching program, offering your clients a safe & sustainable container to surrender into, allowing them maximum transformation.


I had organically been exploring the world of feminine empowerment coaching and was starting to feel like it was something I was good at. However, there was this feeling that I would love some additional tools, techniques, and training to support my natural abilities.

With Deanna’s coaching, this course, in particular, was perfect for me and anyone who likes to have some tools in their back pocket when working alongside clients. It will build your confidence, give you the opportunity to practice and test out what working with clients feels like, and is the perfect way to also explore your own understanding of your skills and expertise.

Stay in touch with Kelsie; Instagram

Kelsie Davis

Feminine Empowerment Coach, Kamloops, BC

Before I joined ECC I felt stuck and had no momentum for building my future on my terms. I knew I needed to make some significant changes to start feeling excited about how I show up in my life and in my work.

Dea & the team chose me for the bursary to the Empowerment Coaching Certification. I was so motivated to make some significant growth steps and that was recognized. And what was most powerful was I saw that even when I don’t see my own gifts, others do, and having the belief behind me from someone who hardly knew me was SO empowering.

Taking ECC was the missing link to helping me take some powerful growth steps in my life! Stay in touch with Lyndi: www.lyndishaw.com

Lyndi Shaw

Certified Empowerment Coach & EFT Practitioner

Before taking the ECC program I did not trust in myself to be a Coach and was constantly questioning my ability and knowledge. I was struggling to know what exactly to offer, what the structure of each session would look like, how to effectively support and hold space for my clients while at the same time offering guided support, and how to integrate all my trainings into something that felt cohesive and that would have maximum impact and results for those I was serving.

The training provided by Deanna, along with the support given by the team of coaches, and the structure of the ECC program itself, not only shifted ALL of this but also enabled me to Integrate and Embody my wisdom and knowledge and confidently step into the leadership role of an empowerment coach and spiritual mentor.

I now use the foundations, tools, and techniques that I learned through the ECC program daily in my Own life and with my clients. I am forever grateful to Deanna for her training, guidance and support, as well as to the ECC coaches.

I am also grateful for the deep sisterhood connections that were created during the program. My life is forever changed for the better because of this program.

Stay in touch with Teri:

SoulFully Aligned

Teri McCarron

Certified Empowerment Coach & Spiritual Mentor

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Meet Your ECC In-House Coaches

Cheryl Paige, Embodied Leadership Academy Coach

Cheryl Paige is a passionate, heart-centred speaker, inspirational writer, healer, teacher, and connector.

For the past 8 years she has been a Soulful Business & Life Coach who helps women unleash their magnificence and get to the next level by finding alignment and connecting their lives and businesses with their inner truth. Her mission is to empower everyone with the support they need to achieve aligned + soulful life and business success.

In her words…

“Being a coach for the participants in the Empowerment Coaching Certification Program is an absolute honour. To walk this journey with the powerful women who are called to join fills my soul. I love holding space as each woman navigates the path of stepping fully into their power while aligning with their soul’s essence. Then having the privilege to witness these beautiful souls as they move into holding space for their clients and shining their light brightly, it is absolute magic and I am blessed to be a part of it.”

Heather Ruth, Embodied Leadership Academy Coach

Heather Ruth is an Intuitive Connection Coach, Numerologist, Reiki practitioner, conscious guide, Speaker, writer and Mama bear to two lights in this world.Heather has immersed herself in the ebb and flow of the universe by studying influences of numbers, consciousness, cultures, nature and spiritual connection. She has also dove heart first into the world of understanding Trauma ~ and how as coaches we can help those suffering break generation patterns and trauma. As we heal we heal others especially our children.

In her words…

“I love witnessing growth in women through the Empowerment Coaching Certification Program. I am intimately walking with beautiful souls as they step into their empowerment and dreams. Dreams of helping others find their voice, their power, their pathway in life. ECC is a container full of love that ripples toward your heart and allows your expansion in confidence to be of service in big beautiful ways to the world.”

Deanna Deacon, Embodied Leadership Academy Founder & Head Coach

Deanna Deacon is a multi-disciplinary coach, mentor, author & leader who has spent the past decade building an holistic empire for women to be celebrated for exactly who they are; intuitive beings with a propensity to effortlessly heal communities when aligned with her essence. With a background in Marketing & Business, a decade of organic community growth in business and 7+ years as an intuitive coach, Deanna is honoured to see women leaders rise while staying balanced in their masculine drive and feminine flow.

In her words…

“To hold space for another as they find their confidence & trust in their own ability to be there for another human being is no small thing. Witnessing these women find their own empowerment through the actions & study of becoming soul-focused coaches, learning the art of active listening & tapping into their intuitive guidance in service to others brings me so much joy. I am honoured to be the founder of this course and am inspired by the graduates and how powerfully they are changing both their own realities, and those of their families, communities and coaching clients!”

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About Your Guide

Hi Beautiful, I’m Deanna; Author, Speaker, Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer, awakening women to their intuitive leadership potential.

My soul’s journey has led me through the depths of darkness orchestrated by my own ego & embodied in so much physical & emotional pain.

Over the years I’ve coupled deep spiritual study & exploration with heart-centered coaching and growing my conscious business.

It brings me immense JOY to serve, support, mentor & coach strong womxn leaders to lean into their feminine energy and align with their natural rhythms. In doing so you cultivate far more sustainable & soul-filling success, abundance and of course, FREEDOM!

Join me on this journey of understanding your deep intrinsic value on this earth, not just for you, but of service to ALL.