One of the more challenging and less talked about aspects of being an entrepreneur & going through an initiation of deep healing & integration is the apparent lack of motivation that is present during the healing. 

As a self-made business owner one gets familiar with constantly exploring new ideas and taking different trainings and expanding their awareness of how to grow and over deliver within their business. 

It’s almost like an addiction. When you love your work so so much, you want to talk about it every day, think about it all the time, read more and learn more constantly and keep creating new content daily. 

And while this is a beautiful expression of passion, it also has layers of patriarchy and “be productive” culture woven right in with it. 

To the point that even the entrepreneurs who are the most present and dedicated to dismantling this conditioning, struggle to release these layers of illusion. While their body and being is asking for space & time, their mind often gets caught up in the trap of “one must always be creating or learning or doing something that is productive to feel successful or valuable.”

But here’s the thing ~ your value is not an external measure. It is internal. It has been with you since the moment you were born. It is your being-ness that is your value, which creates your success. Not the other way around. 

This supposed lack of motivation is not that. It is a simple restructuring of the motivational desire within you. Your body‘s ability to bring nourishment and nurturing and healing to itself is dependent on creating desires within you for situations like that. 

So that desire to sit quietly and sip your tea and daydream about a holiday in the next two years is actually of service to your well-being. Same with spending time in nature with no purpose other than to witness its beauty and magic and be awestruck by its magnificence. That is important work. And escaping into those TV shows or novels or reading through your past journals with no pressure to get anything done, this is your healing.

As you surrender to these impulses within, and witness the cognitive turmoil in your mind as moments of worry about the future of your business arise, you begin the alchemy work. 

Not only are you healing from the recent trauma or challenge or hardship you’ve faced, but you’re also dismantling the layers of “busy” societal conditioning within you. 

SIDE NOTE ~ When Luke and I lived in New Zealand in 2011, it took us months to acclimatize to the work flow. Kiwis take multiple breaks a day and many don’t agree with “work your arse off” to get ahead. Instead they choose to enjoy each day and each moment, working when they do, and relaxing when they do. It was a complete culture shift for us North Americans, who assumed the harder we worked, the happier we would be…but the kiwis taught us something different. And in time, we were so very grateful!

When you’re able to alchemize the thoughts of:
“I must do more”
“I haven’t gotten enough done today”
and “I’m falling behind by doing nothing”

& truly find peace within the present moment, without the pressure and busyness…oh la la you have found your sweet spot! 

So my dear, the next time you find yourself arguing in your mind about how badly you need to “get that graphic done” when you desperately want to take a rose petal filled bubble bath at 2pm…consider where the impulse is coming from. 

Is there an invitation for deeper healing that your body is guiding you into?


Can you trust that if you give yourself some space & time, that you will actually cultivate more energy, more clarity & more inspiration?


Have you built a business and life that allows you the rest you need and space to create when aligned? 

As a conscious business owner, these are questions you to ask yourself regularly.

Remember ~ you’re not creating a j-o-b for yourself, you’re building a healing legacy, and that requires time & space for your healing too!


PS: I have been actively doing this ⬆ work on the daily for the past few months. I’ve been working less, playing more and diving deep into a lot of layers of healing. I’ve had to really listen to my thoughts & catch myself when I am reprimanding my body’s need for rest.

Instead of activating guilt and shame, I seek to find compassion for myself. It isn’t always easy, and I’ve had plenty of days when I stumble on this task, but, with my ongoing daily commitment, I can tell you that I am beginning to reap the bountiful benefits of this work.

New clients are sliding into my inbox, old friends are reaching out just to say hi, I’ve been soaking in so much family time, getting to know my clients in a deeper way as I’m feeling far more relaxed and rested, and having a ridiculous amount of F U N with my hubby. Seriously, life is feeling so FUN & JOYFUL lately.

My body is softening as I’m spending less time weight lifting and more time dancing and walking, and I love it. It feels incredible to be in absolute flow with life, surrendering to what is and allowing my heart to guide my actions.

I’m curious, what are you noticing in your own body and life lately?

Are you in a season of creation & finding yourself busy all the time, or are you in a season of rest and healing?

Both are perfect & necessary.

But it’s our resistance to them that creates the suffering.

Are you allowing yourself to fully be in your season right now?

If not, what could you create a bit more of in your life, or take away, to allow for more acceptance?