Throughout life there are many moments of deep inner agony that equate to us being exactly who we are today.

Some of your moments may be similar to mine;

  • navigating grief of losing a loved one
  • physical breakdown of the body
  • shifting of relationships and losing close friends
  • moving cities and feeling isolated or alone
  • break-ups & heartbreak
  • job loss
  • that deep inner pain of not knowing if you’re truly living your soul’s purpose

Isn’t it fascinating that most often we learn so much from the more challenging times in our life? As though we need to hit that metaphorical rock bottom to actually pause, reflect and choose to align more powerfully with who we are and why we’re here.

After about a decade of going through these challenges with as much awareness and consciousness as possible, I’ve come to truly honour and respect my moments of inner agony. When the suffering feels worse than the facts, and the ego runs rampant declaring all the ways in which life is over and I am doomed for eternity. I’ve seen it enough times now to know that these are the moments that create ME! These are the moments that I become more of who I am here to be, when more layers of illusion peel back and I am loving forced by the Universe to truly see myself, and act accordingly.

The fact is, we are all magical energetic creators. We manifest every experience in our life, the good, the bad and the ugly. And it’s all FOR us! All of it.

Now, don’t let that itself send you into a pity party, it’s designed this way so you can use each agonizing moment as a catalyst into more healing, more peace and more love. (At least that’s my opinion & I’m sticking to it)

Over the years one of my go-to healing tools has been reading self-help & personal development books. I find reading about other people’s stories and journeys with overcoming hardship and exploring spirituality to be deeply nurturing for me. Hence why I was so called to write my own book; Feminine Warrior.

Knowing that many of these books have truly helped redirect the course of my life while going through an agonizing moment, I’ve decided to share a few titles with you each week, in hopes that at least one will spark a light in your heart and help lead you in the direction of personal empowerment and self healing.

This week I am sharing three deeply supportive titles that I found early in my journey while navigating especially hard seasons;

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
~ understanding that every thought you have is impacting your body’s physical expression
Louise Hay helped me remember the immense power of each and every one of my thoughts. She helped me understand the value of affirmations and to be ever-so-mindful of how my body was speaking to me.

Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser
~ a collection of short stories of overcoming some of the most devastating losses in life
Broken Open was a safe haven to turn to as I navigated the unrelenting grief of losing my mom to cancer when I was only 19

A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson
a gentle, sweet, compassionate connection to the core of what each of us are; Love
This book felt like home to me. A loving, nurturing reminder of how important love is in a world of confusion and pain.

If you find yourself in a challenging time in life right now, I invite you, if only for a moment, to see it as a gift. Allow yourself to see beyond the pain and agony, and choose to seek out the healing. What have you learned so far in this experience? Who have you needed to become? In what ways are you more clear on your values or needs, that you weren’t before?

Allow yourself to look for the healing my love, instead of living for the suffering. 

What experiences have helped to shape who you are today?
What resources or tools did you lean on to help you through these experiences?
Share with us below ?