Feminine Warrior – Signed Copy + 2 Bonuses



Feminine Warrior, the debut book by Intuitive Life Coach Deanna Deacon, is an invitation to honour the natural feminine and masculine rhythms that flow within each of us. It is a coming home for every woman that will make her feel seen, heard, and understood, while helping her rediscover that sweet spot between what fuels her, what nourishes her, and ultimately, what brings her soulful joy and fulfilment.

It’s about leaning into your own journey and life path, knowing the value of being exactly who you are, and learning to “fit out” instead of constantly sabotaging yourself to fit in.

The stories, messages, and resources in this book bridge the gap between doing and being, so you can step into and own the innate power of being a woman.
An indescribable resource guide and storytelling for the modern woman’s awakening to her Truth, her Potential, and her BLISS.
Welcome to your initiation into living as the Feminine Warrior.


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