Winter Solstice Journalling & Ceremony

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Winter Solstice is a special time of year that marks the symbolic death of the sun and rebirth into a new cycle of life. Many cultures around the world celebrate and rejoice at this time as they welcome the light back in. Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the shortest day of the year with the most darkness. While a lot of the healing work we do is focused on the light, this is a beautiful time to honour both, as we all know you can’t have light without dark, day without night, summer without winter.

Here just a few journalling questions to prompt you into creating your own Winter Solstice ceremony this year. Before you begin, I recommend taking a few ceremonial actions such as;

  • create a sacred space for yourself to be uninterrupted and to feel safe to go inward

  • light a candle as a symbol of the light that lives eternally within you

  • diffuse a few coniferous essential oils to connect you into to the rhythm of nature through smell

  • have a sacred journal or notebook to record your thoughts in

  • allow yourself to be as cozy as you like, maybe curled up by the fire or perhaps crosslegged on the floor with a cushion under your bum

Once you’ve settled into your sacred ceremonial space, take a few moments to simply take in the sensations, feelings, sights and sounds of your space. Breathe slow, long, intentional breaths as you notice how you feel in this sacred space that you’ve created for yourself. Allow yourself to turn inwards, tuning into your natural rhythm and focusing solely on your experience of the present moment. Remind yourself there is no right or wrong way to have this ceremony, it is simply perfect as is.

When you’re ready, begin answering these questions in a way that feels true for you. Spend at least a few moments on each, pausing to ask your inner self for guidance, reflecting on your observations and allowing this to be an experience. There is no “end goal” so know that there is no rush.

Journalling Prompts:

What thoughts arise as you reflect on the death of this past year?

What were some of your most profound learnings that came from moments of darkness?

How did you manage to bring light to moments of extreme darkness?
What tools/resources/supports did you use?

What wisdom can be found in the darkness of winter when related to nature?

What are you welcoming in as the days become longer and the light becomes brighter?

What does it mean to be the light? To be a light worker? To honour the light?

Who are you today, as you reflect in this moment?

Who do you desire to be as the light fills your heart even more?

What is one word or statement or mantra that describes what you are welcoming in this new cycle?

Conclude your ceremony with a few moments of repeating your word/statement/mantra and then silent contemplation and; allowing your thoughts & journey inward to anchor into your being.

Share with me your experience ~ what insight did you gain, what wisdom made itself available to you? Send me an email or social message and let me know how your Winter Solstice Ceremony was.


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