When is the Right Time to Hire a Coach? 10 Tips to Know if it’s Now

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

In the past 5+ years I have worked with 6 different coaches through a variety of 1:1 programs, group experiences, online and in-person sessions, business and personal focuses and everything in between. 

I have gone through the process of desiring to have support from someone without knowing who it is or what I actually want out of it. I have had many many connection calls to explore working with different coaches, both male and female, business and personal focused. 

From these experiences I have learned a thing or two about this process. 

Here are 10 simple ways to know that you’re in the market for your next (first) coach! 

  1. you no longer feel comfortable talking to your girlfriends about what’s bothering you because they either don’t understand, can’t relate or aren’t supportive 

  2. You’re noticing yourself withdraw from deeper conversations with your partner and friends because you’re unsure of our own beliefs 

  3. You have set countless self-care goals (food, fitness, meditation, journaling, etc) and have just as many failed attempts to stick to it 

  4. Your social feed is full of inspiring posts and images and videos and they are all coming from coaches of come sort 

  5. Other people are mentioning how much they love working with their coach (you’re attracting these conversations to create social proof that you might just be ready to have the same) 

  6. You are downloading every free gift/guide/worksheet/meditation/etc that you come across but still aren’t feeling any different within yourself 

  7. You have a vision (even if it’s still foggy) of your daily life looking more calm, peaceful and joyful than it is now 

  8. The thought of investing financially into a personal coach is both terrifying and exciting ~ if everyone else can, surely I can too!

  9. You’ve been following a coach online for some time, absorbing their content and words, obsessing over the tools they offer you, and feel safe within their community (hint ~ this might just be the right coach for you!) 

  10. You want to say YES to YOU in a way that ENSURES your life will begin to shift towards more positivity, more empowerment, more joy!