Spiritual Guidance Behind this Global Pandemic

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I had the most incredible conversation last night with my quarantine family; two 30 year olds and two 19 year olds. We sat on the couch, no tv on, minimal device time, and just talked about humans. What it means to be human, to have emotions, to have experienced depression and overwhelming sadness, the challenges of masculinity and femininity in relation to our cultural values. Honestly, the conversation was profound and deeply moving, and totally organic and natural.

A few key things I took from it are:

humanity is shifting and beginning to wake up, the younger generations are breaking down invisible barriers that we previously clung to in order to identity ourselves ~ change towards radical acceptance of all is occurring in a vast way with youth

our incessant need to be liked by others is still very prevalent and even more detrimental due to social media and the easy access to “instant fame” ~ youth (& many adults) are addicted to the approval of others to re-confirm their value in life ~ this is where we need to learn about and practice emotional resiliency. It’s from radical SELF acceptance & love that we re-learn to believe that we are already valuable & loved & worthy of joy ~ not from a number of followers, likes or other status symbols

our cultural views of emotions are still stuck in ancient times ~ we focus all of our attention on what we can DO, what we can PRODUCE, how we can MAKE MORE, EARN MORE, CONSUME MORE. This constant desire to DO more & HAVE more has lead to deep exhaustion & chronic fatigue, a lack of clarity around what one’s own true values are and confusion about how to process anything other than productive drive.

We’re seeing this even more now as the majority of the globe is on lockdown to flatten the coronavirus curve, people are blessed with far more time than ever before, and there is growing depression and alcoholism. The mass majority of humans who are give the grace of time are using to their detriment to avoid having to feel their emotions, rather than use this time to serve their hearts and bodies.

We, as a culture, see emotions as annoying and weak and something we have to hide until they have passed. Someone who is not emotional, someone who is stable and consistent with their ability to DO more everyday, is idolized. And yet, when someone who is in an authority or leadership role shares their vulnerability, we feel more connected with that person. It makes them seem more “real”. However, the catch 22 is that if they are TOO vulnerable, we no longer idolize them, it’s too much of a reminder of our lives and we want to lust after a life that is “better” than ours.

this global quarantine is a gift to the world ~ Mother Earth is breathing a sigh of relief as production slows down, cars stop driving, pollution slows, consumption dwindles, people go inward and we gently return to planetary balance ~ but many people cannot see the value in this. We still see that this is a short pause and are counting down the days until we can “get back to normal” ~ with normal being overproduction, overconsumption and over-exhaustion of self, of community, of the earth.


Why do we want to go back to something that wasn’t working? Something that wasn’t bringing you the joy you desire or the life your heart wants?

What we really need to be doing is taking a deep long breath inward and find where we’ve been living out of alignment with our own values.

Where have we been over-consuming in order to feel good about ourselves. How much money and time have we poured into our looks, our external “status” and our attempt to be “valued” by others.

When in actually, all we truly crave is to feel valued by ourselves. To fully love ourselves. To experience love within ourselves. And that that love will then radiant out from our inner being and BE the beauty, BE the status, BE the value. This is a key piece the majority of western civilizations are missing and are not even interested in finding.

But this is the type of internal shift we ALL need to experience in order to create a “new normal” that is sustainable for humanity, for nature and for all.

Can we begin to idolize ourselves, our own deep intrinsic values and talents and beliefs WITHOUT the need for others to see us the same way? 

Can we begin to pour as much attention into our intimate relationships with our families and children as we do into our work? 

Can we begin to value moments of fun and joy MORE than consumption of things? 

Can we trust and believe that there is more than enough for all, and that we do not need to constantly strive to consume more, to have more, to create more? Can we instead find the kindness within our own hearts and learn to share. Share what we have. Share what we know. Share who we are. 

There is NO NEED for anyone in this world to be hungry. There is NO NEED for anyone in this world to be without a home, without love, without a sense of purpose.

But currently so many human beings are without.

Can we use this global pause to notice this?

To see how it makes us feel.

To ask where we have overindulged in that which doesn’t serve our hearts, and could we instead share that excess with others who have none?

Can we live a life of kindness, even when we are faced with adversity? 

Can we choose to love each other, even when we don’t like each other? 

Can we choose to connect with Mother Earth for our intrinsic value, instead of with money, status,  consumption and power? 

Can we, as a global community, each do our individual parts, to bring this world back to homeostasis? 

You ARE doing your part, by doing YOUR part.


Deanna Deacon empowers strong, successful women to lean into their feminine energy to experience emotional resiliency, mental clarity and spiritual awakenings while maintaining high levels of sustainable growth, prosperity and joy. Affectionately named a spiritual personal trainer with a modern Goddess twist, Deanna ignites, inspires & awakens women across the world with her speaking, intuitive dance and passion for woman empowerment.

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