Making Big Decisions with Intuition

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

When Luke and I first began looking to buy our first home, I was really picky about what it would be. Growing up we lived the same house for my entire childhood, the same house that my parents helped build when the street was just being developed. It was a two story family home with plenty of room for visitors, plenty of entertaining space and of course, a hot-tub on the deck out back.

So when it came time for us to find out home, my subconscious belief was that it had to be our forever home. The home we would one day raise our children in, big enough to fit all of our family at once, and have the best entertaining space to host epic weekend parties with friends.

Every house we looked at simply wasn’t good enough.
It wasn’t big enough.
It was too boring or neutral.
Or there wasn’t enough yard.

And then we stumbled upon the house we ended up buying.

A rancher (one level) 1500 square foot home on 3.5 acres with a terribly layout for entertaining.

It didn’t fit any of the things on my list that I assumed I had to have in order to be happy.

But one thing it did have…the right energy!

I could feel it in my cells the moment we walked in. Luke could to! We had actually planned to visit 5 houses that day and cancelled all the rest of the appointments so we could get the paperwork together to buy this dream home!

Here’s the thing;

Your subconscious beliefs are 100% playing a role in the choices you make each day. But, they’re not always in your best or greatest interest. A lot of the time they’re actually holding you back from what you truly desire or need in order to grow & evolve.

If I had not already started exploring my own intuition years earlier, I could have easily said no to this amazing house that has since become one of my absolute favourite places in the entire world! I would have discounted it completely because it didn’t check the boxes.

I was so caught up in what our home needed to be based on other people and trying to recreate the past that I hadn’t even considered what would be ideal for us and our little family. As it turns out, we don’t really enjoy entertaining very often, when family visits we put mattresses on the floor and everyone’s happy and I cannot even imagine having to clean a bigger house…I find this one challenging enough to keep up with as it is!

My intuition guided me to blessing in disguise, as it always is.
But so many of us are not in-tune with our intuitive guidance, therefore we allow the ridiculousness in our minds (that in all honesty is verrrrry convincing) to rule our decisions and choices.

My mission is to make this stop!

A connection to our feminine energy, intuitive guidance is connected to this, is massively lacking in today’s society, especially in women who are realllllly good at doing ALL THE THINGS for everyone else, and notttttt so good at taking care of HERSELF FIRST!

So I have a few questions for you:

Are you aware of what subconscious beliefs are running the show for you?
Do you know where your inner fears are holding you back from actualizing your dreams?
Is it time for you to become friends with your intuitive guidance?

Chances are the answer is YES!

There are a million ways you can do this, even starting with a simple google search.

I saved you the trouble and have linked the top blog post about following your intuition here.

And if you’d like some intimate guidance along your journey, come join me for my upcoming Intuition Masterclass online workshop. It’s a two-hour deep dive into;
* what your intuition is & how it shows up in your body
* what to do daily to strengthen your intuition
* how to soulfully manifest opportunities & experiences that you desire
* strategic stress & anxiety release techniques
* what spirituality & energy work means to you

From practicing these tools you will begin to feel:
* trust that things will work out as they are meant to
* at peace with things that previously triggered you
* empowered with your own unique intuitive gifts
* a deeper connection to spirituality

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