Magic & Miracles

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

“If you’ve practiced only trusting in what you can SEE, then the Universe can’t offer you much more than that.” – Abraham Hicks

When it comes to manifestation, calling in requests of your Soul, seeking to create change in your reality, quantum leaping…these are NEW ways of thinking, being and doing for you. Therefore, they require NEW ways of thinking, being, doing AND seeking for evidence.

Our minds are meaning-making machines. This means they are constantly seeking evidence and proof to qualify your inner most beliefs. For many, this is looks like evidence that we are unloved, unwanted, unworthy or alone. Once started down that path, it isn’t hard to find proof of these beliefs, even when surrounded by love, kindness and support. One wrong look from a stranger, one missed FaceTime from a family member, and suddenly we are sent into an emotional spiral of despair and questioning everything about our actions and connections.


When you begin to explore the esoteric, the soul-guided journey to Self…you are now calling in a NEW way of thinking, being and doing. No longer are you able to seek “proof” in the same ways you did before. It takes diligence and dedication to shift the way your mind works.

Your mind is a POWERFUL TOOL, one that is meant to be directed by the ever-loving essence of your Soul, not the overly loud Ego that it currently is. And this takes a new level of awareness to shift the “user” of this tool.

So, when you’re seeking to manifest more money, when you desire to call in that soulmate, when you are asking for more peace, remember to also seek new layers of proof and evidence…often in the unknown, in the unseen, in the energetic alignment, instead of the tangible world around you. Let your journey become intuitive. An innate inner knowing that you simply can’t explain.

THIS is how you expand your being to receive the magic & miracles of the Universe. THIS is how you open yourself to TRUST that you are always being led by your soul, by your heart, by the Divine.