You are a Healer

Ready to RISE in your intuitive gifts, lasting impact & leave your Legacy.

Ready to link arms with your collective of Soul Serving Womxn chosen to be here to ELEVATE HUMANITY and live in Unity Consciousness.


You are an Intuitive Influencer.


You know your message & your gifts will create massive ripples of healing change…

it’s just a matter of time.

But you’re feeling bogged down by the 100’s of strategies for sales & influence. You notice thoughts of doubt:

“is this the best way for me?”

“Is this how my people want to be invited in?”

You love your work and trust your impact…but there are definitely moments when you wonder if this revenue stream will continue being steady & stable.

This is your life’s work, so you’re here for the long run ~ but you’re tired of the periods of extreme burnout and fatigue. These moments when your nasty inner dialogue pipes up:

“maybe you’re not cut out for this…how can you grow so big if you can’t even handle this many clients?”

I initially joined this group because I was looking for a way to intuitively connect with my business and still be in my divine feminine flow, and this group has provided that for me.

I’ve received a lot of business tools and a rich community of sisters who are also on an intuitive business path. To anyone wanting to bring more of the divine feminine into her business I highly recommend Intuitive Influencers.

Marla Torres

Intuitive Care Provider, New York, USA

Intuitive Influencers is your soul calling you home

Home to the wisdom of the Earth:
  • Harmony & flow with your Natural Rhythms
  • Abundance & wealth as Sacred Expression
  • Love woven in all layers as your Core Essence

    This is not just a coaching program, or a business program, or a course.

    This is an invitation to true energetic ALIGNMENT with your Soul’s Purpose.

    Intuitive Influencers is a partnership with your conscious sisterhood, collectively committed to abolishing the patriarchal influence of previous business policies and BUILDING a new system; a system anchored in LOVE, COMMUNITY, ABUNDANCE for ALL & UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.


    What’s Included:

    • 12 Alignment Masterclasses with Deanna & guests
    • 12 Embodied Leader Workshops with Deanna & guests
    • 12 Quantum Energy Forecasts with Cindy Van Arnam
    • 12 Sisterhood Connection Pod Calls
    • 4 Quarterly Feminine Leadership Retreats with Deanna & guests
    • Ongoing energetic container of sisterhood, support & mentorship
    • 12 x 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Sessions with your own coach

While most days are AMAZING & you feel so blessed to do this work…

You’re tired of the days your ego gets the best of you; the spiral downward in negative emotion, agonizing self doubt and a deep apathy ~ sometimes you even curl up under the covers to just give up on the day.

My sister, please know this ~ YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This DIY journey as a soulpreneur is NOT a joyful jaunt in the park…it (like you) has so many layers of mystery and desire and needs and fear.

Before you read on, be sure to shake out that inner critic that tells you you “should have it figured out by now” ~ because NO, you shouldn’t. You are in exactly the right place at the right time for your soul’s evolutionary journey and your conscious purpose here on earth. Anything inside you that says otherwise is a deceptive illusion.

Literally, shake your head and declare NO!!!

While I’d love to tell you that I can demystify every aspect of business with THE CODE to divine alignment and prosperity…I’m not into mistruths.


When it comes to offering your healing work and impacting the world, it’s as intimate & personal as your own intuitive guidance, no two blueprints are the same. 

And we need YOU!
~ Your soul gifts
~ Your unique healing
~ Your beautiful heart
~ We need you for this global RISE!

Your Journey Home as an Intuitive Influencer Includes…


Balance in your masculine drive & feminine flow allows you to “do less” and “impact more” while honouring your own inner healing & expression


Soften all tension as you surrender into a sisterhood you’ve only ever dreamed of before; healers, leaders, intuitives, these are your new best friends


Release the blocks holding you hostage to your ego & your doubts to step fully into your gifts; witness, feel & embody your potential

Your Business & Life Will Transform

Your personal life will transform.

Your entrepreneurial life will transform.

Your relationships will transform.

Your level of self love will transform.

You will experience deep levels of fulfilment and peace like you never have before…

From your deep energetic COMMITMENT to you.
That’s what creates the magic!

Your commitment to cultivating the balance between:

the STRATEGY with the energetics
the GROWTH with the healing
the PROSPERITY with the giving back
the EXPANSION with the ease
the POWERFUL IMPACT with the long lasting legacy

Deanna has a gift to truly deeply connect with the depth of your Soul. She connects me to a place where I have yet to go on my own. She activates my inner self knowing that I am powerful, that the power I see in her is also in me. She is so deep in her practice with activating the soulful part of being human, that simply being in her energy allows you to activate that soulful part of you with ease.
Natalie Jene Buor

Priestess of Love & Truth California, USA

Intuitive Influencers is a sacred energetic partnership for soulpreneurs and movement makers to build the foundation required to harmonize their masculine drive with their feminine flow.

Envision easy breezy days filled with luxurious daytime baths, long sunny meditations and delicious home cooked lunches WHILE KNOWING & SEEING your movement and impact COME TO LIFE.

Waking up to new revenue  in your account, feeling excited about sales calls because you KNOW you attract your ideal dream clients and having ample space for nature walks for intuitive creativity and flow.

In this 12-month partnership you will be held in an energy of deep compassion and love as you learn sacred tools and abolish ancient beliefs that have been holding you back from actualizing your Truth.

Intuitive Influencers welcomes you into your true awakening.

You: a healer, a leader, a change maker, an intuitive influencer for the light and love of this world.

Let’s Talk Logistics

This program is jam-packed with live events and workshops to keep you connected and on track. Here is what you’ll experience inside of Intuitive Influencers:

Monthly Alignment Masterclass with Deanna

The first week of each month we’ll gather in community {virtually} for a 90 minute Alignment Masterclass taught by Deanna. This includes interactive teaching time combined with hot-seat coaching for all who attend LIVE.
Topics we will cover:
  • Niche Clarity & Branding
  • Feminine Leadership
  • Attraction & Community Building
  • Enrolment & Authentic Sales
  • 10% Community Give Back
  • Fulfilment
  • Referral Partnerships
  • & more

Monthly Embodied Leader Workshop

We will gather the third week of every month for 90 minutes of experiential leadership techniques guided by our Embodied Leader Coaches. Envision a full 90 minutes of connecting with your sisters and exploring unique breath-techniques, meditations, visualizations, and soul-aligning practices designed to assist your nervous system as you elevate in your leadership.

Monthly Forecast with Cindy Van Arnam

Imagine having a cheat sheet for life, where you could tap in at any time to the current energy based on your mathematical code and the current collective experience. Just like we can predict the weather and the stock market, so too can we predict the influences we will be experiencing based on quantum numerology. At the end of each month Cindy will dive into a prediction of the energetic weather for the month ahead, allowing you to gain an understanding of what you can expect based on your own unique code and the collective.  This will help you to map out your plans for the month personally & for your clients, and truly tap into the quantum energy of the Universe.

Monthly Sisterhood Connection Pod

Every month you’ll gather with your sisters to discuss business strategy, soulful expansion, spiritual studies and enjoy the space to “practice” any new modalities or program pitches with your community.

* these calls are peer-led and are not hosted by Deanna * 

Quarterly Feminine Leadership Retreats

Every quarter you will join your sisters in a Feminine Leadership Retreat, hosted by Deanna and guest experts. These retreats will be an accumulation of the content & strategies learned throughout the quarter allowing you to integrate all aspects into your current business. Expect interactive & informational workshops that inspire & ignite your passion within. 

Topics we will cover:
  • Feminine Launch Strategies
  • Raising Your Rates
  • Collaboration with others
  • Masculine & Feminine Energies
  • Conscious Prosperity
  • Story-telling Marketing
  • Unity Consciousness in Business
  • & more

+ Monthly Intuitive Life Coaching

Every month you’ll have an intimate 1:1 x 60 minute intuitive coaching session with one of the amazing Embodied Leader Coaches. These sessions will help you to identify your blocks & beliefs obstructing your expansion, energetically release any attachments present and step more fully into embodying your True Soul’s Essence. You’re welcome to bring all aspects of your business and leadership you’re currently navigating through for guidance, discussion and mentorship. Expect sensations of peace, calm, bliss and deep A-ha’s!

Welcome to a new paradigm of feminine leaders who lead with COMPASSION & HEART for their clients and selves.

Where WEALTH is not the goal, it is the soul-guided byproduct of SERVICE.
Where Self Love is no longer a “To Do” – it is a Way of Being.

I’m building a collective of leaders to ASCEND the precious business structures & strategies and collectively BUILD uniquely soulful systems of global community, connection & consciousness.

If you know you are to be an INTEGRAL part of this humanity paradigm shift – this journey is the one that will finally balance your DRIVE & PURPOSE with your Fluidity & Soul.

Together we will UNITE in community honouring our individual Soul gifts and activating our energetic connection as Healers & Influencers for the Greatest Good of All.

The days of the starving Healer & patriarchal Leader are crumbling. YOU are needed for this next ascension & RISE. You are needed with a deep foundation of ritual, dedication, devotion & support. You are not meant to do this alone, none of us are.

Together we grow, we heal, we serve, we lead, we use our intuition to influence the masses towards GREATNESS that is soulful, sustainable and supports ALL!

Intuitive Influencers is your first step, ensuring you have the solid foundation of support you need.

“Emotions overwhelmed me constantly. Deanna helped me to recognize these emotions, provided tools which have allowed me to feel more peaceful and grounded in my everyday life.”

Amy Hendlly

Your Mentor & Guide

Hi Beautiful, I’m Deanna; Author, Speaker, Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer, awakening women to their intuitive leadership potential.

My soul’s journey has led me through the depths of darkness orchestrated by my own ego & embodied in so much physical & emotional pain.

Over the years I’ve coupled deep spiritual study & exploration with heart-centered coaching and growing my conscious business.

It brings me immense JOY to serve, support, mentor & coach strong womxn leaders to lean into their feminine energy and align with their natural rhythms. In doing so you cultivate far more sustainable & soul-filling success, abundance and of course, FREEDOM!

Join me on this journey of understanding your deep intrinsic value on this earth, not just for you, but of service to ALL.


Deanna has been featured in, spoken at, written for & acknowledged by:

Your Coaches

Heather Ruth is an Intuitive Connection Coach, Numerologist, Reiki practitioner, conscious guide, Speaker, writer and Mama bear to two lights in this world.  

Heather began her coaching career in the banking industry, yet it was during her studies of Latin American Culture at the University of Calgary that has drawn her into energetic healing and coaching practice.

Heather has immersed herself in the ebb and flow of the universe by studying influences of numbers, consciousness, cultures, nature and spiritual connection. She has also dove heart first into the world of understanding Trauma ~ and how as coaches we can help those suffering break generation patterns and trauma. As we heal we heal others especially our children. 

Heather has a grand vision of ending generational trauma; our children do not deserve to carry, unpack or resolve the struggles we have as parents. In this vision it’s Heather’s desire to see a world where our roots run deep, connection is felt and experienced daily through practices like meditation, journaling, contemplation and stillness. 

Cheryl Paige is a passionate, heart-centred speaker, inspirational writer, healer, teacher, and connector.

For the past 8 years she has been a Soulful Business & Life Coach who helps women unleash their magnificence and get to the next level by finding alignment and connecting their lives and businesses with their inner truth. Her mission is to empower everyone with the support they need to achieve aligned + soulful life and business success.

Cheryl lives in Kamloops, BC, with her husband, Jaye, and their two kids, Landon and Taya. In her spare time she pursues her passions as an aspiring guitarist and vocalist, an intuitive painter and her new adventure of songwriting. She deeply believes that our purpose in this physical life is simple: to shine our unique light and allow the ripples of that love and light to infuse all.”

Your Guest Experts

Leveraging Quantum Energy with Cindy Van Arnam

Imagine having a cheat sheet for life, where you could tap in at any time to the current energy based on your mathematical code and the current collective experience. Just like we can predict the weather and the stock market, so too can we predict the influences we will be experiencing based on quantum numerology. 

Meet Cindy, your Master Quantum Numerologist and Wealth Activator who is passionate about the redistribution of wealth on the planet and believes that this happens in the hands of intuitive entrepreneurs just like you.  Each month, she will be tapping into our community and diving into a monthly forecast so that we can leverage this information to our success.  

She will come into our group at the end of each month to dive into a prediction of the energetic weather for the month ahead, allowing you to gain an understanding of what you can expect based on your own unique code and the collective.  This will help you to map out your plans for the month and truly tap into the quantum energy of the Universe. 

I love you.  I believe in you.  I see your power.

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz is a woman of many capes—wife, mom, mentor, and friend. She is a self-expression expert, multi-best–selling author, creative maven, content creator, and podcast host who helps humans uncover and express their unique stories in a way that is compelling and authentic to them.

She is the founder and CEO of Warrior Life Creative Co.—a holistic full-scale creative agency. She is also a creative partner and developmental editor at YGTMedia Co. and co-founder of Mama Brain Magazine (20.08.2020) with her biz bestie, Sabrina Greer.

When Tania isn’t busy putting out fires or igniting you into wildfire self-expression, she is building lego with her family, cozying up with a cuppa chai and some good books, or envisioning world domination where every creative is fully self-expressed. Her goal: No creative left behind. No voice left unexpressed.



The moment you say YES to yourself & your legacy is the moment your life begins to transform.

As soon as you register you will have access to over $1500 worth of BONUSES in the form of additional masterclasses, printable resources, courses, and a beautiful hand-curated welcome package mailed directly to you.


Your YES is your commitment to YOU.
The YOU that is aligned with the highest good of & for ALL BEINGS.

I cannot wait to welcome you into your sisterhood of Intuitive Influencers!

xoxo Dea

Deanna Deacon is a writer, inspirational speaker, energy healer, and intuitive life coach from British Columbia, Canada. Deanna teaches women to release their societal conditioning of externally focused drive to activate their innate magnetic essence of being a woman, creating sustainable and soul-filling success, relationships, and joy!

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