How to Say YES to Your Desired Reality

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Over the years I have witnessed so many women tell me that they are ready for change, they want to feel happy and free on a daily basis, they want more energy, more drive, more passion for their lives…but when I ask them what that looks like, or what they’re doing to create that change, they are silent.

They have no idea what it would look or feel like to experience that which they desire. They are lost when it comes to understanding why or how to get what they want…they simply know they need change now!

If you can see yourself in those words above, read on as this post is designed exclusively to help you understand what you need to do now in order to experience what you desire in your future.

It may be difficult to envision a life where you feel fluid and free and at peace on a daily basis. Maybe you don’t know how your body would respond to that, or you can’t even come up with words to describe how that would feel…that’s okay…but in order to create this reality that you desire you must be able to see and feel it before it occurs. This is the art of manifestation.

It isn’t enough to want something, you must get into the energy of that experience in order to create it as your reality.

For example; for years I wanted to be a speaker. I knew that I had a message worth sharing, I knew there were women who wanted and needed to hear my message, but I was so consumed by my own fear and worry and ego that I could never envision what it would look or feel like to actually be a speaker. I spent years wanting this and never creating any progress, all the while waiting for someone or something to make it happen for me. Sound familiar!?

In time I made the conscious choice to change this… I started watching speakers on youtube, I watched hundreds of TedTalks, I attended conferences and events to observe the speakers, I signed up for a 3 month course to help me become a better speaker and have a demo tape professionally done, I started reaching out to event coordinators and sharing my interest of speaking at their event… I completely changed the way I thought about and interacted with the idea of ME as a SPEAKER!

This changed EVERYTHING.

Within a short period of time I went from only ever giving free talks to hosting my own weekend conference AND booking my very first high-pay keynote speaking gig. This only occurred because I was willing to completely change the way I interacted with my desires. I got so immersed in the speaking world that I was able to envision what it would be like to experience it for myself. It became attainable within my own reality. And thus…it has become my reality.

The problem I find is that most women assume that thinking about something is enough to create change. Books like The Secret have taught us that if we want it bad enough, it will simply happen. But they don’t talk about what it takes to allow your body and mind to fully engage with this new desired lifestyle.

So, this is what I want you to do…

Grab your journal and set aside about 20 minutes for yourself in solitude. We’re going to dive deep into where you are saying YES to your current life and where you can shift that YES to instead lead you towards your desired reality.

Begin by recording all the actions & activities you did today.
What did you do, who did you speak to, what did you eat, how did you move your body, what did you do for relaxation… record it all.

Now take a look at each item you wrote down and consider that for that action to occur, you had to say YES to something…

For example;

  • If you had Mcdonalds with the kids for dinner, you said YES to that

  • If you slept in past your alarm, you said YES to that

  • If you went for lunch with your old friend and felt aggravated the entire time, you said YES to that

Now start noticing what emotion or sensation you received from each YES you said. How did that choice make you feel, and how do you feel about it now looking back on it. Notice what occurred just before you said YES and observe how influential that was in your decision. What thoughts crossed your mind in order to allow you to say YES to that action.

Once you’ve gone through all your actions…ask yourself how many of these YES’s created feelings of your desired reality ~ freedom, fun, energy, peace, drive, happiness, passion

If a few ~ YAY! Celebrate that and start journalling on how you can create more of these YES’s tomorrow

If none ~ YAY! You now get to see a visual of why you aren’t experiencing your desired reality, the choices you’re making daily are not reflecting the experience you would like to have. This is a YAY because once you know it, it becomes 100 times easier to change it!

Repeat this exercise daily for one week and truly start to pay attention to what reality you are continuously saying YES to. Life is simply a series of patterns that we play out. And you have complete control over these patterns when you choose to pay attention to them.

Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our actions and our actions create our reality.

The way to consciously create change is to become aware of what thoughts are leading to your current reality. By changing those thoughts and saying YES to new ones, you become the conscious creator of your life!

Share your experience with this exercise in the Empowered Woman Collective on Facebook. I’d love to hear what came up for you as you moved through this process.

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