The Friday Morning Show Topic: Self Care AS Self Love with Guest Host Stacey Borge

This is a Special LOVE Edition topic for our Friday Morning Show. Here, we talk about how you can tap into a deeper level of self-care and into self-love, as well as what Stacey does so she can show herself self-love.

The Friday Morning Show Topic: Exhaustion, Overwhelm & How To Sloooow Down (Without Feeling Guilty)

On a scale of one to ten, what level are you at for exhaustion and overwhelm at this moment? One of the key things to understand how to keep yourself from going so deep into overwhelm and exhaustion is starting to get to know yourself more.

The Friday Morning Show: 3 Tips to Creating Healthy Boundaries

Having healthy boundaries is an integral component of living as an empowered woman. This means finding what’s important to you right now and committing to it.

Watch the video to learn the three tips on how to create healthy boundaries.

The Friday Morning Show: Handling Personal Growth & Expansion with Grace

Have you experienced that as you grow into who you’re meant to be, it reflects into your relationships that causes a bit of friction?

Here are three steps to handle the challenges and changes that occur within your relationships as you grow and expand.

The Friday Morning Show: Your Body’s Pain Is Your Greatest Asset

Take a moment, close your eyes and come into your body. How does your body feel in this moment? Your body’s pain, especially the consistent body pains which show up regularly, is its way of saying, “Pay attention to me.”

When we take a moment to ask ourselves how we feel, it gives space for our body to answer.

The Friday Morning Show: How to Kick Emotional Eating with Special Guest Expert Danielle Daem

Are you an emotional eater or know someone who is? This episode talks about discovering a completely new and healthy relationship with food, as well as tips on how to create awareness in yourself.

The Friday Morning Show: Internal Motivation ~ The #1 KEY To Achieving Your Goals

Why do you think internal motivation is important? It’s because when we rely on others to motivate us, we’re giving up our power and who we are to somebody else.

Notice what matters to you and what inspires you and really tap it into your heart so you can focus on motivating yourself internally.

The Friday Morning Show: Soulful Service ~ The Art of Receiving Through Giving

As a society, we have a very strong belief in lack. This year, let us shift our perspective from lack to gratitude. When you start to focus on what you do have to the point of overflowing gratitude, it becomes so much easier for you to be of service to others.

The Friday Morning Show: Alleviating Anxiety & Worry

How does worry and anxiety show up in your life? When you notice anxiety and worry coming in, STOP. Always be conscious of your thoughts. When worry and anxiety comes, bring yourself back to a place of gratitude.

The Friday Morning Show: Weathering The Emotional Storm and Staying Committed To Your Dreams & Goals

What is something that you’re working towards right now? It’s okay to experience emotions when working towards your big dreams and goals. You just need to learn how to weather the emotional storms by having support networks around you.

The Friday Morning Show: Q&A Style & BLACK FRIDAY SALES

This Friday Morning Show is something new! It’s the FIRST Q&A episode that I’ve hosted PLUS I’m announcing my first ever Black Friday Sales. The deals are 100% worth it. Enjoy!

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The Friday Morning Show: Weathering the storm of changing friendships ~ Emotional Resiliency Pillar

For today’s Friday Morning Show, I’ll be sharing a vulnerable story and I am so grateful for this safe & supportive community to allow me to be held in love while sharing an emotional struggle of my journey.

The Friday Morning Show: 4 of My Most Transformative Mindset Practices

This week, we’re diving deep into my most transformational mindset techniques that can bring massive changes in your life. These are simple but are so good!

The Friday Morning Show: You Have To Do It On Your Own, But You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

How many of you have felt alone or lonely, or that you’re up against the world by yourself?

When you have someone to rely on in the depths of despair, or when you’re celebrating the successes of life, and helps you get through the ups and downs of life, IT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE.

The Friday Morning Show: What Is Your Feminine Power In Relation To Too Much Sexiness

Have you ever felt like your own sex appeal isn’t yours? Get clear on what is the root behind about why you feel a bit uncomfortable about this boldness within embodying your sensuality and sexuality.

The Friday Morning Show: How To Say The Hard Stuff & Still Feel Like A Good Person

Since my voice is still recovering from this cold, today’s show is a bit different. This is a clip from an interview I did with the lovely Danielle Daem earlier this year. We were talking about self care, self love and setting healthy boundaries.

This brief clip is about why it’s okay to say what you want & need, even if it causes some friction or chaos. Let your intuition guide you!

The Friday Morning Show: How community helps us SHINE or SINK

Do you feel lifted up or do you feel held back by your community? Tune in and learn how you can consciously choose between being expansive or being contractive in your community.

The Friday Morning Show: Creating Rituals, with Kelsie Davis

Have you ever been too busy to stop and take care of yourself? Listen in and discover how you can create self-care ritual and techniques with our guest host, Kelsie Davis.

The Friday Morning Show: Acceptance

In this video, I’m going to share a very simple way of bringing acceptance into your life which allows you to cultivate a sense of peace, calm and content within yourself so you can start seeing more of that in your external world.

REMEMBER: Everything we see externally is a reflection of who we are internally.

The Friday Morning Show: Intentional Shopping & Building A High Vibe Wardrobe

Does your present day wardrobe represent who you really are and how you feel? Or does it represent someone you were five years ago? In this video, I’m giving away three incredible tips on how you can start shifting the way you feel about your wardrobe.

The Friday Morning Show: Health & Your Body

In the age of social media and technological influence, it’s easy to lose touch with the only place we have to live in – our body. Tune in to this video and remember these three tips on how you can get connected to your body itself.

Deanna Deacon is a writer, inspirational speaker, energy healer, and intuitive life coach from British Columbia, Canada. Deanna teaches women to release their societal conditioning of externally focused drive to activate their innate magnetic essence of being a woman, creating sustainable and soul-filling success, relationships, and joy!

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