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Conscious Creators Retreat

Oct 8 – 15, 2020
Mana Retreat Centre
Coromandel Coast, New Zealand

Envision a week of pure bliss, free from the distractions of your daily responsibilities, connecting into the true essence of your heart.

✨ Learn the tools to embody yourself as THE Conscious Creator of your life.

✨ Spend time connecting to the natural rhythms of nature; refuelling your body, mind & spirit.

✨ Awaken your potential for joy, freedom, purpose and love!

Are you looking for a quiet place to sort your thoughts, focus in on what you truly want to experience, or just reflect on the beauty & bounty of your life?

Do you desire to wake up to quiet, warm, natural beauty with sweeping landscapes of green rolling hills bordered by oceanic bays and islands in sight?

Does your heart call out for a mid-day stroll to the Tara Sanctuary; a symbol of peace, for a gentle meditation or your own private yoga in a temple on a hilltop?

And if you’re a little more adventurous, do you crave acres of hiking trails guiding you along sacred pathways that have been walked for decades, along a sacred mountain overlooking the land, or perhaps an afternoon kayak paddle while the tides are in?

Conscious Creators Retreat is the ideal oasis for anyone seeking a blend of mindfulness, personal growth & adventure in nature.

Enjoy day trips to hike to the top of Castle Rock and adventure across the peninsula to experience the natural phenomena; Hot Water Beach ~ you dig your own personal hot tub in the sand by the ocean.

Our home-base is an amazing healing centre with a soulful team of staff & volunteers preparing the most amazing vegetarian dishes that will make you feel refreshed and revitalized from the inside out.

This centre will always be open for you to do what your body needs throughout the week. Allow yourself to listen to your body and do what it requests ~ take some time by yourself in your bungalow, read a good book in the library, spend time in the lush gardens or simply daydream & journal while held in the energy of love.

There are only 5 spots remaining for this week-long healing adventure and we want to welcome YOU in to join us! The cost of this all-inclusive retreat is $2500CAD if you book two people at once, or $2900CAD if you book solo. The age of attendees range from 30-60 and include an incredible collective of mindful beings seeking a week of connection with their own inner peace!

To request an information package, please email Deanna here.

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