Your Guide to Intuition & Feminine Wisdom

Deanna Deacon’s debut book is an invitation to honour the natural feminine and masculine rhythms that flow within each of us.

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Deanna is absolutely masterful at helping you explore the blocks buried deep, at standing in the fire with you, and helping you release the fears that are holding you back. I can’t imagine my life, being truly who I am, without Deanna Deacon. She is not only a wonderful human being, but I am so grateful her path crossed mine, and so grateful I took this step to move into a coaching partnership with her and I know you’ll have a similar experience.

Donna Koch

Empowerment Coach – BC, Canada

Deanna has a gift to truly deeply connect with the depth of your Soul. She connects me to a place where I have yet to go on my own. She activates my inner self knowing that I am powerful, that the power I see in her is also in me. She is so deep in her practice with activating the soulful part of being human, that simply being in her energy allows you to activate that soulful part of you with ease.

Natalie Buor

Priestess of Truth & Love – California, USA