Dear Diary…

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

Dear Diary,

We all choose to let our mind tell us whatever we want. We let it go off script, go rogue, then take to heart whatever it says….

“That’s too hard.”

“You’ll never stay committed.”

“She’s just lucky.”

“No one cares what you have to say.”

“You’re too fat to wear that.”

“You’ll never make it.”

“How does everyone else have so much more money?”

“Next year I’ll start focusing on me.”

These are all lies. Big, fat, ridiculously far from the truth LIES. When you start to see them as such, you can identify and notice the moment the cinema in your head starts running that old re-run again, and you get to LEAVE the theater.

No horror films please.

No sappy poor-me films either.

Just straight up TRUTH documentaries.

If you have any kind of negative dialogue playing on repeat in your head, here’s what I invite you to do:

    1. Identify what the LIE is that’s plaguing your thoughts (LIE = An intentionally false statement, deception or mistaken impression)
    2. Ask yourself if you are ready to see this thought/statement/belief as false.
    3. Find 3 pieces of social proof that this is in fact a lie!
    4. Message me this proof so I can CELEBRATE & SOLIDIFY this change of belief for you!

Can I share mine with you? Believe me, I have re-runs in my head too, but I’ve practiced this technique lots and find that it always helps me turn things around

LIE: I will never stay committed to self care

Yes I’m ready!

I’ve always maintained my healthy eating, even if it’s not everyday, or a set plan; I’ve signed up for that online course for accountability and its working; I’ve been finding more ways of getting exercise into my day by adding a few squats or lunges and push ups a few times to whatever I’m doing (like cooking or walking my dog).