Change Your Perception to Change Your Life

by | Dec 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Every moment that we live our body is assessing our environment (internal & external) and adjusting our bio-chemistry to create different physical reactions.

These can be the fight or flight type of reactions, or subtle emotional cues that leave us feeling unacknowledged or angry. They can also be a sense of peace, bliss and comfort.

When you take the time to do your internal work; adjusting your view of the world and creating a broader, more inclusive perception through your eyes & mind, you shift your bio-chemical reactions to include more calm, peaceful and satisfied experiences.

If you walk around every day judging those you see on the street, blaming others for the pain in the world and seeking reasons for someone’s failure, you are literally CREATING a negative experience for yourself through your perception.

When you hear people talk about ‘not being a victim‘ what they are referring to is owning your perception. When so-and-so at work comments on your new hair colour in a way that triggers you to think she’s lying and makes you self conscious…you could view that as ‘what a bitch‘ or as ‘maybe she’s having an off day‘ or ‘maybe she can’t afford to get her hair done & is jealous‘ – when we expand our perception to INCLUDE always looking for the best in someone, always acknowledging that there is a reason someone reacts/responds the way they do….THAT is when your perception begins to create a beautiful and peaceful life for you!

How can you adjust your perception of yourself, of others and of the world?