Are You An Empowered Woman?

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

I used to hate the way I viewed the world. 
I was judgmental, mean, and full of disappointment, in myself and others.

I expected so much from life, but didn’t have the confidence to ask for what I needed, so I was constantly disappointed. I was highly-sensitive and emotional, but didn’t know what that meant, nor what to do with it. I felt like I was constantly trying to find my way in life and was making zero traction. I was miserable. 

But! On the outside, you never would have known.
I was pretty & poised, polite & fun, everything appeared to be just fine. 

The average person assumed I was kind and sweet and had my life pretty much figured out. 
My life was pretty average, I had a lot of things, a lot of friends, had decent work… so the assumption was that I felt happy and fulfilled…

Have you ever felt like you’re living two different lives?
The one you express on the outside….
And the one that you are ACTUALLY LIVING on the inside?

I remember asking myself: “Is this how life is supposed to be?” Was I really being a “good person” if my thoughts were of judgement and blame of others? 

It wasn’t until I began exploring the concept of my Ego and Observer that I realized I was choosing to live as my Ego Self, which was causing such a disconnect in my life. 

This realization CHANGED MY LIFE ~ no joke! I knew it had the power to change other women’s lives too. I started organizing all the tools and awakenings I’d had into order, and implemented them with my personal clients in their coaching sessions. A wonderful thing began happening….. Their lives started changing too!! Women were waking up to their purpose and passions in life. These women started to remember who they were underneath all the roles and titles that had taken over their lives. 

…And it all began with noticing the Ego.

I’d like to invite you to take part in the program I developed that is shaking things up for women all across the globe!! Beginning February 2, 2020 is the 6 week Empowered Woman Series, and Ego vs. Observer is our very first Key Principle.

My work is about awakening a new perspective that inspires a woman to question her beliefs & attachment to societal norms that are causing her pain and disconnect.

I see such a need in this world for women to step into their feminine leadership, and this series gives you a strong foundation to do it. To do it with grace, ease, and in a sustainable way…

The Empowered Woman Series teaches how to:
✨Identify when you’re living in Ego
✨Own your feminine sensuality & attraction energy
✨Consciously create your life through choice 
✨Uncover your unique area of BRILLIANCE 
✨Live luxuriously connected to your inner desires
✨Allow gratitude to lead your life

I dream of women to no longer needing to push & force their way through life. I see these women stepping into ease, peace, and flow, while feeling more fulfilled, purposeful and successful!

The Empowered Woman Series {registration is now open}  is a compilation of the most powerful resources and tools I’ve been using in my business to awaken women’s Feminine energy.

These women have experienced more:

  • joy

  • fulfillment

  • sense of purpose

  • better relationships

  • more money

  • emotional freedom

  • connection to Self

I want this for you too!

Registration closes on February 1st, but the sooner you sign up, the sooner you receive your additional bonus materials & start awakening your Divine Feminine right away! 

Please let me know what I can do to support you to step into this empowered woman phase of your life!

Oh! Did I mention it’s only $297!?
AND that you get lifetime access to all the principles??

Grab Your Spot for the Empowered Woman Series <<< it’s time to say YES to YOU!

Watch this video to get the brief overview of The Empowered Woman Series!