3 Truths I Would Share With My 22 year old Self

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Uncategorized

As I write this I am 32 years old. In the last decade I have drastically changed how I show up in this world. From heart-broken to motivational speaker, from broke & alone to married and fulfilled, from determined to succeed to determined to surrender…you could say a few things have changed.

If I could go back 10 years and have a glass of wine with my 22 year old self, these are the 3 core Truths I would share:

  1. Your Body is your Closest Ally ~ treat it with the most respect, love and admiration you possible can and ALWAYS follow it’s guidance. It knows what you need long before your mind does.

  2. Date Yourself ~ go out for delicious meals alone, get lost in thought about life, love and the Universe, laugh out loud in public while by yourself ~ you will always be your own best friend. Don’t waste time trying to change yourself to fit in with everyone else, instead admire yourself and fit in with you and your deepest desires.

  3. Money is Energy ~ it can be created and manifested and used and shared. Allow it to flow as freely as your love and hold the sacred belief and intention that you will always be financially cared for, nourished and supported ~ go have fun!!

A little glimpse into then & now ~ Deanna; aged 22 and 32